Arrancel Free System

The arrancel is the system in a parish setting in which there are fixed rates whenever the sacraments are celebrated. There has been a lot of nuancing and explanation that the arrancel is not payment for the sacraments but that they should be seen as generous support to the operations of the parish. However, it cannot be avoided that connections will be made with the arrancel as payment, no matter how long or comprehensive the teachings or catechisms may be. There will still be people who will see the arrancel as payment for sacraments. And they are the majority.

How to correct it?

Through a radical move.

Remove the arrancel.

Will this work?

It has. And it will.

Many parishioners have received the sacraments especially that of baptism, confirmation and marriage. And people have been generous than ever.

Why then are some priests and parish leaders afraid of implementing this?

The heart has its reasons that reason cannot understand…


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