Who Are The Poor?

In the parish, everyone can be considered poor. Materially poor. If the basis were the reality that everyone was informally settling before along the railroad tracks. If the basis would be other things like educational attainment, income per family, there would be be differing opinions. But it is a common thing among the community members not to refer to themselves as poor, though they accept that they are poor. It is enough that one is poor. There is no point to rub it in.

The poor in the community are those who have limited choices or options in life. In work, education, resources. Limited access to health care. Limited representation in government and even in church. Limited choices or worse, none at all. Because of the structures, unwittingly or otherwise, put into place by those in power, either in the government or in the church.

Blessed are the poor. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The goal of becoming church of the poor is for the people to remain poor. Not out of oppression. Not to remain in destitution. But as a choice. To be in union with Christ who chose to be poor. A loving choice, a dignified one, freely made, to be free of the powerful lure of the material and to be truly in service, ultimately, to that which is spiritual.

This is the good news, that the evangelized, have become the evangelizers.


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