Wounded Healers

There is, and will always be, stratification in society. It is an inescapable reality. It is built-in within any community. Put people together and realities of inequalities will soon be brought to light. It can be a good thing, those who have more will care for those who have less. The alphas will dominate, it is a fact of life, but leadership can corrupt. Put up a table for a feast and there will be a mad scramble for the best seats. Not just for the sake of having the best food but the prestige that comes with it.

A sadder reality of stratification was brought to the fore in one of our informal sharing. An outsider made tasteless comments about the community, its poverty and status. If looking down on people is an art, that person would be a committed practitioner. Such incidents bring blessings though. Personal issues and wounds are brought to the fore, and our ways of dealing with such incidents call us, invite us, challenge us to examine more of ourselves, not on those who are trying to inflict wounds. We have too many wounds already, to forgive and move on is the only way to go about it. Fighting back to inflict wounds on others will in the end, pain and wound us more than the other person. By accepting who we are, no matter how wounded or scarred, we are people who are loved and created with dignity, we become co-pilgrims of Christ, wounded, carrying the cross, and crucified. And we know that whoever looks upon Him receives healing and salvation.


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