The Church of the Poor and the National Elections

One writer from one of the national news network rightly observed that the Philippines, a tropical country, has four seasons. The dry and wet season, Christmas season. And the election season.

When election time comes, the satirical, if not painful spectacle becomes even grander when seen in the setting of the poor community. There are a lot of votes to be had, if for only a few pieces of silver, and the politicians think, they not only have the votes of the poor in their grasps, but their very souls as well.

But there is hope. The poor are getting back, if such words can be taken to be good. Credit is due not only to social media, not only to the good intentions of news networks and NGO’s to educate the voting population, but most of all, to good old fashioned community inter-action where ideas, opinions and observations are being exchanged, re-fashioned and even corrected based on common sense, conscience and faith. The poor have been abused too many times, they have grown tired of the empty promises and the endless plundering. The poor are in search of people whom they can trust, citizens whom they can work with and politicans who are, for a change, really willing to listen to them and work for them. In society, most of the times, the poor do not have the voice and the power. That is what the election gives them. An opportunity to cast their lots with those who really care. It would be good then for the candidates to take heed, yes, the poor we will always have with us, that is why, it is never wise to underestimate them, for when they allow the Spirit of God to work in their midst, they will be the ones to renew the face of the earth.


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